Most Frequently Asked Questions About Wills

As at July 2018, civil unions are not yet recognised in the Cayman Islands. Same sex marriages prior to the 5th of May 2017 will be recognised. However, please contact Wills & Legal if you are not certain of marital status recognition in your jurisdiction.
If you are single and get married, this Will automatically terminates, unless you state who you will marry and that the marriage should not cancel your Will
If your Will is silent on governing law, wherever you permanently reside and are domiciled, it will be presumed that the Will be governed by those laws.
If you have previous Wills this Will will be considered your last Will and Testament and the other Wills will be considered null and void. It is best practice to destroy preious Wills.
Any trusted individual over the age of 18 who is not under disabiity.
Yes, an Executor may also benefit under your will but should not be your witness and a witness should not benefit under your Will.
The Executor is responsible for administering your Estate within 12 Months of grant of probate.
It is prudent practice to name an alternate executor in case the executor appointed is unable or unwilling to act.

Anyone can benefit under your Will. In general there is freedom of disposition in common law jurisdictions.

A Witness should not be a beneficiary under your Will.

Yes, provided you appoint a Guardian over 18 years old, to receive the gift on their behalf.

Any trusted individual who is an adult and will care for your child’s wellbeing.

The remainder of your estate is anything left after all the gifts have been accounted for.

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