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Crucial & Essential Step In Life


Making a Will is a crucial and essential step in life, which ensures that your loved ones are provided for according to your wishes.

Some important reasons for creating a Will:

  • To avoid your property being distributed in accordance with the rules of law that may not agree with your personal intentions.
  • To ensure that your estate is administered and distributed according to your wishes.
  • To appoint the executors that you trust and not an administrator chosen by the Court or rule of law.
  • To appoint guardians to care for your young children.
  • To set up trusts and appoint trustees, where needed.
  • To make provisions for the payment of your liabilities, debts and funeral expenses.
  • To express any special burial requests and arrangements.
  • To ensure that step, illegitimate or adopted children are not excluded from benefit under your estate subject to rules of law.